Holistic Treatments

Available in our Colchester Salon only.
Therapy using water to cleanse, detox and restore the large intestine.
Most people can benefit from the treatment, this is due to the effects of everyday living such as, poor diet, lack of exercise, toxins and pollutions build up. It also benefits those who suffer from IBS, poor circulation, skin problems, high blood pressure, poor immunity, stress and tiredness. The benefits of the treatment are that it helps to remove accumulated matter and improves the flow of waste from the body. The treatment is painless and is felt as being pleasant and relaxing. Warm water flows through to the intestines whilst the stomach is gently massaged. The closed system allows the waste to be disposed of discreetly by the main system.
Duration: 1hr. £68
Course of 5 £305


Working on the feet this treatment helps aid the whole body to rebalance, energise and promote self- healing. This gentle treatment encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.
Duration: 45mins. £37

Hopi ear candles can bring relief from discomfort associated with ear wax build up, sinus congestion, pressure in the ears, earache, rhinitis, and irritation of the ears which includes tinnitus.
Duration: 45mins. £31

Indian Head Massage is a massage of the head and neck that makes use of the modern knowledge of shiatzu and acupressure. It helps to balance energy blockages and gives instant relief from tension and stress.
Duration: 45mins. £37


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